Al Ali Yachts Rental Dubai

You have found the man or woman of your dreams and are ready to pop the question. But where and how? Meet the professionals who can make the moment truly memorable. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is. While you’re proposing on the Al Ali Yachts will work diligently to turn your excitement into a torrent of enthusiasm with applications and activities that will immortalize your “moments”…

"SHE SAID YES" marriage proposal yacht, how to plan an unforgettable proposal on a yacht in Dubai

The marriage or romantic proposal is one of the most momentous celebrations in a couple’s life, and it will be remembered and valued for the rest of their lives. You have initiated the proper folks if you want to make it unforgettable & memorable! On our luxurious yachts, we’ve held several proposals, marriages and we’re delighted to have them on our yacht.

Marriage proposals are memorable events; they should be unique and stunning. So, it’s a good memory. In this beautiful moment, yachts have everything. Our elegant and comfy ships will accompany you in your most special moments.

Celebrate your Honeymoon in Yacht Rental Dubai
al ali yacht 63ft bedroom view decorations

Luxurious Yacht rental Services We Offer

The rental yachts in Dubai are prepped and decorated according to your specifications. If you choose, you can do the entire process alone or seek assistance. On the Yacht, you are accompanied by romantic music and a delectable meal, at the time of the marriage proposal, and any other additional services you can think of are all available. We provide you with everything you need to have an unforgettable night in luxurious rental yachts.

We are the market leader in Marriage Proposal Yacht on the Palm Jumeirah with over 40+ clients engaged on our luxury Majesty Yachts, so we know what works! Contact us today for book your cruise and get engaged in style!

Propose to Your Loved-one on a Luxury Yacht!

If you’re looking to bring luxury to your proposal on a boat, chartering a private yacht would be beyond perfect. In true James Bond style, kick back and relax with bubbles and delicious food as your captain does all the hard work. You get to see all the breathtaking scenery without even lifting a finger…all you have to do is get down on one knee!


There’s no more romantic time of day than sunset: when nature takes the phrase rose-tinted glasses and makes it real. Why not time your boat trip to coincide with a glorious sunset? That way, your boat proposal will be even more exceptional. Think of the backdrop for those ring selfies you’ll take to share the big news!

wedding celebrations yacht
wedding celebrations in yacht

With its panoramic views of central Palm Jumeirah and beyond, it’s no wonder that this iconic Dubai Marina hotspot has become a popular proposal spot. You’ll be able to take in the gorgeous views of the big city from high up in the air, creating the perfect backdrop.

If the view alone doesn’t wow your loved one, our crew will help with marvelous décor to toast your engagement after you get down on one knee, adding that little extra touch to what is sure to be a beautiful moment.

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