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36 Feet Gulfcraft Boat Rental in Dubai

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The Gulf Craft 36 isn’t a luxury boat; it’s a straightforward, functional vessel with a lot to offer for the money. Passengers can book this spectacular boat for fishing and cruising around the Dubai coastline. It has a tiny electric fridge that sits next to the driver. It can hold a half-dozen softies or something more substantial for the crew and passengers of Boat rental Dubai.

There are a few storage cupboards, one of which is quite deep, but there is no separate cutlery drawer. The main stateroom’s huge berth is oriented across the boat, with a little standing area at the doorway on Yacht Rental Dubai. In addition to the bunk, there is a hanging locker and storage caves, which are typical of boat designers. An air conditioner can also be installed beneath the berth, which, given the interior configuration of the boat, is not a bad idea. Although the head is modest, keep in mind that this is just a 36-footer, and the designers have packed a lot into the hull, which is slab-sided compared to similar sports cruisers.

Although the Gulf Craft 36 is not the most attractive sports boat rental Dubai, it has a lot to offer and is a highly strong, functional boat that can be chartered on budget. It boasts a hard top with full camper cover as well as an oversized teak inlaid boarding platform, she is not only an all weather proposition, but an ideal yacht rental Dubai for water sports.

The helmstation’s two-person seat and two-seater return facing aft are the cockpit’s principal features at this yacht rental Dubai. The cockpit sole and helm are upholstered in richly padded white vinyl, which contrasts wonderfully with the teak decks. A small basin with fresh water is located next to the two-seater return. Enjoy your favorite water sports with Al Ali Yachts in the warm waters of Dubai ocean!

Large glass windows with aluminum frames surround the cockpit. Even if the primary view from the yacht rental Dubai is the foredeck, there is good visibility. While the ventilation between the windows and the hard-top will be nice on hot summer days, the boat has a pair of clears to keep less ideal elements out. Explore with us the World famous Dubai coastline on your favorite water sports. Experience exhilarating adrenaline rush like never before!



Imagine cruising through the beautiful waters of Dubai on a bright sunny day, your fishing line dangling into the turquoise sea. Dubai has some of the world’s best deep sea fishing spots. The experience of deep sea fishing can be fully tapped by fishing boat rental. The waters of Dubai are home to a diverse range of beautiful big species. Amberjack, Barracuda, Cobia, Sherri, Trevally, Goatfish, and Hamour, are some of the fish you might catch. The crew on the Gulf Craft 36 ft yacht rental Dubai is knowledgeable, professional, and courteous, and will go to great lengths to ensure you land a trophy catch.

Cruising Dubai


Dubai is home to several natural and man-made Islands. Including, the World, Palm Jumeirah, and Moon. What’s better than exploring these natural and artificial marvels in a yacht rental Dubai? You can embark on a journey of a lifetime with Al Ali Yachts Gulf Craft 36 ft Cruising Dubai.

Non-Motorised Activity


Summers are here and you must be craving for a fun time around the sea. Why not take your beach game to the next level this season and experience non motorized activities such as wakesurfing and more on Dubai’s magnificent ocean. We bring you the best non-motorized adventure in Dubai. We have it all to satisfy the sea monster in you!


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32 Knots
Gulf Craft
Walkaround 36
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Dubai Attractions

Dubai is a rich blend of cultural heritage and modernism. You can visit various places on Gulfcraft 36ft Boat Rental Dubai to fully tap the experience this city can deliver.

  • Palm Islands: One of the most famous tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates is Palm Jumeirah Island. When viewed from afar or from the sky, the island resembles a palm tree. This island, which stretches all the way to the Persian Gulf, also includes a monorail. Palm Jumeirah Island is home to some of the top luxury hotels in the UAE and offers a variety of tourist activities. Most yachts visit this tourist attraction on a regular basis.
  • The World: The World Islands project is an artificial archipelago built in the shape of a world map with continents developed, located about 6 kilometers off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Moon Island: The Moon Island, located 70 kilometers off the coast of Dubai, is named after its crescent-shaped moon. The island is known for its peace and privacy and is considered a hidden gem in Dubai. This island provides a respite from the city’s madness.
  • Burj Al Arab: A luxury hotel on an artificial island near Jumeirah Beach, with a private beach connecting it to the mainland. The Burj is the world’s only seven-star hotel. Its design resembles a ship’s sail and is an architectural and aesthetic marvel. There’s no better way to take in the scenery than from an Xtreme Yacht Rental Dubai.

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