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Beautiful Water Canal Dubai

Dubai Canal is an artificial water canal and inaugurated in November 2016. The canal sidewalk comprises one shopping centre,
four hotels, 450+ restaurants,
luxury housing, walkways,
and cycle paths.
--(Source: Wiki)

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Most iconic Dubai landmark, Water canal spread across 3km long project starting from Business Bay into the Persian Gulf through the Safa Park and Jumeirah, It is six meters deep and crossed by eight-meter high bridges.

Five pedestrian bridges have built in the area, three across the Canal, allowing visitors to cross at key points and watch the water vessels’ passage below. The vision of Dubai Road and Transport Authority is to transform the waterway into a first-rate marine transport hub and five stations providing six million passengers yearly. There are four more stations in the Business Bay Canal. The Canal is to be enclosed by several lifestyles and leisure developments.

There are three planned localities known as Gate Towers, Jumeirah, and the Peninsula. A landmark in the area is a 300,000 sqm, the three-level mall with more than 400 retail outlets, and a green park on its roof. At the end of the Canal, there are plans to build a man-made peninsula that will serve as an extension of Jumeirah Beach Park. It will form an extra kilometer of sand beaches and expand the sporting or leisure activities such as activity space. Going on the Business Bay end of the Canal, significant development is currently underway to come up with a modern waterfront region to compete with Dubai Marina. The Marasi Business Bay Promenade intended to begin with the Dubai Water Canal. It includes 10-12km of promenade and leisure areas, offering visitors a spacious area for walking, strolling, and enjoying the surrounding regions.

A man-made Island, a snowpark (Ski Dubai) in Mall of the Emirates, Burj Khalifa, skyscrapers, and a 7-star hotel, Dubai has proven to us anything is possible.

Dubai's most expensive & environment-friendly projects.

The water canal has termed as one of Dubai’s most expensive and environment-friendly projects. Correct! The lights used in the Canal are solar-powered; apart from being a visitor attraction, the water canal actually works as active transportation and gives excellent connectivity within the city. One may cross across the Canal on a boat or yacht.

Cruising the water canal with Al Ali Yachts rental will surely give you immense happiness. You can throw a birthday party or hosting a ceremony for relatives or friends or romantic sightseeing in the evening hours will be the best suited time for you to create a memorable moment in your life as the waterfall show events start from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm moreover it is Free to watch.

Starting from the Palm Jumeirah Island to Burj Khalifa, no design in Dubai would fail to surprise you. And the same thing occurred with the Dubai Water Canal!

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