Marvel one of Dubai’s fanciest hotels and compose that perfect yacht selfie with Atlantis in the background. This iconic resort majesty sits at the top of The Palm Island. It has been featured in many Instagram posts and stories making it one of the region’s most Instagrammable hotels.

This grand hotel is a breathtaking sight as it towers between the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf and the immaculate Dubai skyline. Designed by an international firm, Wimberly, Tong, and Goo, Atlantis incorporates classical Arabian architecture. This 23-story hotel is adorned with fossilized shells, semi-precious stones, and 'fish' stones.

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P.O. Box: 22229
Location: Office# 5, level 1, The Village Mall Jumeirah St,
Dubai - UAE

Phone: +971 4 333 3730

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