Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

The epitome of Dubai architecture sits along the Arabian coast and what better way to see its majesty than from a massive luxury yacht. This iconic sail-shaped megastructure is nestled on a triangular man-made island. Towering 321 meters above the sea, Burj Al Arab rises above everything else in Dubai.

Since opening its doors to the public in December 1999, this luxurious hotel has fascinated its guests with its splendor. Burj Al Arab outshines the rest with its lavish suites, gold interiors, top-notch restaurants and bars, immaculate pools, impeccable spa, and numerous pools. When it comes to customer service, Burj Al Arab goes the extra mile to make their clients feel like royalty. A team of personal butlers is assigned to every floor to make sure that all clients get the best treatment that they deserve.

The top destination for yacht rentals, yacht charters and cruises in Dubai Marina. We offer the best prices and top-notch customer service.

Contact Details

P.O. Box: 22229
Location: Office# 5, level 1, The Village Mall Jumeirah St,
Dubai - UAE

Phone: +971 4 333 3730
Email: info@alaliyachts.com

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