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2 yachts Al ali yacht

2-Hour Packages

Immerse yourself in the beautiful seascape as we take you on a 2-hour cruise. Revel in the fresh breeze and the calming rhythm of the sea. Relax and enjoy the captivating scenery with family and friends.

super yacht Al ali yacht

3-Hour Packages

Our 3-hour excursion is the perfect opportunity to see the alluring charms of Dubai aboard our luxurious yacht. We’ll take you on a fun cruise to appreciate the lovely seascape and iconic sights.

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4-Hour Packages

Hop on our luxurious yacht and we’ll take you on a memorable 4-hour trip to connect with nature and see the grandeur of Dubai. Find yourself captivated by the city’s beautiful sights.

superyacht rental Al ali yacht

6-Hour Packages

What better way to appreciate the enigmatic beauty of Dubai than on aboard a posh yacht? Our friendly captain and crew will pamper you the moment you step onboard until it’s time to disembark.

Moon Island – 1 Day

Our trip to Moon Island will bring you closer to nature. Escape the busy urban world and recharge your body and mind. Soak under the sun, enjoy the scenery, and restore your energy.

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P.O. Box: 22229
Location: Office# 5, level 1, The Village Mall Jumeirah St,
Dubai - UAE

Phone: +971 4 333 3730
Email: info@alaliyachts.com

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