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Founded in 2013

We are happy to call Dubai our home and base #1 YACHT CHARTER & BOAT RENTAL COMMUNITY. Al Ali Yacht is highly recommended for the role and trusted yachts rentals in Dubai Marina and Jumeirah. We offer top-of-the-line services to our clients, mixed with excellent customer service. With our experienced and highly trained employees, our aim as a yacht rental company is to give our clientele a stress-free way of charting private yachts and enjoying the wide range of aquatic activities right in the heart of Dubai Marina, JBR, or the famous destinations in UAE.

We are a Dubai-based crewed yacht rental company, and customer satisfaction is our first focus. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. We have several luxury yachts available for rent in Dubai, with some of them also sailing to famous vacation spots. About Al Ali Yachts Rental Dubai, our services enable you to host events such as weddings, marriage proposals, party boat rentals, team building activities, or a romantic cruise along the city skyline.
The popular perception is that the yachting lifestyle is beyond reach for the average person. The Alali Yachts want to change that perception. There has never been a better time to join the sailing community. You don’t need to own a yacht to enjoy the sensation of water flowing beneath your feet and a sea wind brushing across your skin. About Yachts Rental Dubai, our yacht rentals/charters are a cost-effective method to enjoy sailing with your family and friends. Our goal is to make the yachting lifestyle more accessible to the general public.
Join us on a sailing journey across Dubai seas for an affordable luxury experience.

Our goal is to offer you luxury yachts at low rental prices and provide you with complete satisfaction when hiring a yacht service from us. When we launched, we were the leading rental yachts, and we continue to put our customers in the limelight of everything we do.

Al Ali Yachts Rental Dubai about us
Al Ali Yachts Rental Dubai

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Al Ali Yachts Rental in Dubai?

We pay attention to our clients’ needs and then choose the ideal yacht for the occasion. We also provide food and beverage options, as well as more water sports as optional extras. Our skilled crews are dedicated to providing high-quality yacht rental services so that our customers have the greatest yachting experience possible.

About Yachts Rental Dubai, we provide a diverse selection of yacht rentals, ranging from low-cost options to high-end luxury options. Take a sunset sail along Dubai’s stunning metropolitan skyline to experience it from a fresh perspective! On a low-cost but elegant boat tour, capture the breathtaking sight of the lovely sunset. Whether you’re planning yacht renting in Dubai with friends and family, filming, a photo shoot, or a corporate event, we’ve got you covered.

At Al Ali Yachts, LLC our mission is to provide competitively priced luxury yachts in the Dubai market for families, friends, and couples to enjoy. We aim to offer the balance of relaxation and excitement they seek by providing activities to suit both individuals and groups.

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We take immense pride & we make sure that we provide to you is impartial & you'll get the luxury for what you have agreed and we take special care of it & letting you know how much valued our clients & customers recommend us in the business circle.

Trust & Safety

Safety on board Al Ali Yachts is taken very seriously by the company, it is vital for our clients to feel comfortable and secure whilst traveling with us that is why an experienced and fully qualified team mans each of our vessel.

Luxury Yachts Fleet

At Al Ali Yachts we are the proud owners of the highest quality yachts available in the United Arab Emirates Since 2013 boat chartering experience and fleet over 9 Vessels. We pride ourselves on delivering the most exclusive chartering experience.