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The Best Fishing Trips in Dubai

Amazing Fishing Experience

Join us for Authentic Fishing Experience, we do Trolling in the Deep Sea. We offer quality fishing trips with all necessary equipment.

The Best Fishing Trips in Dubai

Amazing Fishing Experience

Join us for Authentic Fishing Experience, we do Trolling in the Deep Sea. We offer quality fishing trips with all necessary equipment.

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Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

Our captains are friendly and well-experienced and Will be happy to share various fishing techniques and the best fishing technique to get the best results.

Everyone! from families to groups of friends. from novices to experienced fishers. If there are members of your group that don’t want to fish, that’s fine. They can just relax on the sun deck and watch you do all the hard work. In fact, you can charter the boat solely for a leisure trip if you like. Remember, it’s not all about big game fishing – keep a look out and you may spot whales, dolphins, and turtles bopping out of the water.

Fishing Boat

Imagine cruising through the beautiful waters of Dubai on a bright sunny day, your fishing line dangling into the turquoise sea. Dubai has some of the world’s best deep sea fishing spots. The experience of deep sea fishing can be fully tapped by fishing boat rental. The waters of Dubai are home to a diverse range of beautiful big species. Amberjack, Barracuda, Cobia, Sherri, Trevally, Goatfish, and Hamour, are some of the fish you might catch. The crew on the Al Ali Yachts fishing charter is knowledgeable, professional, and courteous, and will go to great lengths to ensure you land a trophy catch.

It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to deep sea fishing boat rental. There’s nothing more you could ask for on your fishing trip than great food, comfortable amenities, a friendly crew, and plenty of fish to catch. Our dock is only six minutes from the ocean, and the majority of the fish we catch are only two miles offshore. If you choose to fish just off the Beach in the open seas, you’ll find that the water is practically teeming with life. The warm waters of the Persian Gulf Stream in Dubai produce fish all year.

Deep Sea Fishing

When it comes to deep sea fishing in Dubai, the rule of thumb is that the deeper the water, the bigger the fish. However, a big fish can strike at any time and from any location. Deep sea fishing on yacht rental Dubai has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Our waters get deep just two and a half miles offshore in Dubai deep sea fishing, with a 1000 ft depth just under four miles offshore. So you arrive at the fishing grounds in a hurry, eager to begin reeling in your catch! For those who enjoy fishing charter, Dubai is a paradise. There are numerous deep sea fishing species available in Dubai.

Fishing Charter

Obtaining a fishing boat rental is the best way to enjoy deep sea fishing in Dubai. Shades, sunblock, lunch, a hat to protect you from sunburn, lightweight footwear, and a good camera are some of the essential items you should bring with you before leaving your house.

Our fishing charter will be able to assist you in making special arrangements for large groups or family gatherings. We also provide you with the option of sharing your fishing charter trip with others. We can help you save a lot of money while also introducing you to some new fishing boat rental buddies.

Why Choose Al Ali Yachts for Fishing Boat Rental

You can count on Al Ali Yachts to make your deep sea fishing experience a memorable one, whether it’s your first time booking a fishing charter or you’re a seasoned big game monster catcher. We understand how exciting but also challenging it is to take a fishing boat rental, especially if it is your first time. Each of our deep sea fishing boat rentals comes fully equipped for a safe, convenient, and enjoyable fishing or snorkeling trip. Al Ali Yachts offers thrilling deep sea fishing charter and fishing boat rental for families and serious anglers looking for a fun day on the water.