Handle pass inverts are among the most thrilling and challenging maneuvers in wakeboarding, showcasing the rider’s agility, skill, and style on the water. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding enthusiast, mastering these advanced tricks can take your riding to new heights. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of handle pass inverts, exploring their techniques, tips, and the exhilarating rush they bring to your wakeboarding repertoire.

Understanding Handle Pass Inverts: Handle pass inverts involve the rider spinning 180 or 360 degrees in the air while releasing the handle, passing it behind their back, and then re-grabbing it to complete the rotation. These tricks require precise timing, coordination, and core strength to execute smoothly and land cleanly. From back rolls to tantrums to the elusive mobes, handle pass inverts come in various forms, each offering its own unique challenge and reward.

Techniques and Tips:

  1. Proper Edge and Approach: A strong edge and controlled approach are essential for executing handle pass inverts effectively. Build speed and tension by carving aggressively on your toes or heels, depending on the direction of rotation.
  2. Pop and Rotation: As you approach the wake, initiate the pop by extending your legs and using the upward momentum to launch into the air. Tuck your knees to your chest and initiate the rotation with your shoulders and hips, leading the spin while keeping your head and eyes focused on the landing.
  3. Handle Pass: Timing is crucial for the handle pass inverts. Release the handle from your front hand just before reaching the peak of your jump, passing it behind your back to your trailing hand. Keep the handle close to your body and maintain tension on the line to control the rotation.
  4. Spotting the Landing: Spotting the landing is key to successfully completing handle pass inverts. As you come around for the rotation, spot your landing by turning your head and shoulders to face the direction of travel. Extend your legs to absorb the impact and prepare for a smooth touchdown.
  5. Commitment and Practice: Like any advanced trick, mastering handle pass inverts requires commitment, patience, and practice. Start with basic inverts and gradually progress to handle pass variations as you build confidence and proficiency on the water. Don’t be afraid to fall – each attempt brings you one step closer to nailing the trick.

Safety Considerations:

Handle pass inverts are high-risk maneuvers that require skill, experience, and caution. Always wear a properly fitted life jacket and helmet when attempting these tricks, and be mindful of your surroundings, including other riders, boats, and obstacles. Practice in controlled conditions with a spotter or coach present to provide guidance and assistance as needed.


Handle pass inverts are the pinnacle of wakeboarding trickery, pushing riders to test their limits and unleash their creativity on the water. By mastering the techniques, practicing diligently, and prioritizing safety, you can unlock the thrill and satisfaction of executing these awe-inspiring maneuvers. So grab your board, hit the wake, and embark on a journey of aerial acrobatics that will leave you craving more. The sky’s the limit – let’s fly!

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