You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re looking for a boat! We at Yacht Rental Dubai are proud to be known as the best alternative for individuals wishing to hire a yacht in Dubai. We are dedicated to making sure all of our guests enjoy their time on deck with our upmarket ships and have a sizable service department that includes more than 20 mega yachts that range in length from 48 feet to 155 feet. Our main objective is to provide exceptional yacht rental experiences, whether it is a sensual sunset sail or just an enlightening fishing adventure. For parties of two to 200 people, our charter ships are the most affordable option without sacrificing elegance or care. Our megayacht fleet is

Private yacht parties.

Clients that choose Yacht Rental Dubai as their yacht partner can forego the stress of party planning. We’ll help you try to put up everything from appetizers and drinks to singers, comedians, and DJs if you rent a suitable boat from our inventory. Modern audio equipment and other amenities are also available on our collection of high-end yachts to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. Please get in touch with us to explore your needs; we’d be pleased to provide an option that meets both your objectives and your spending limit. We offer products in various pricing ranges.

Offering the best experience for you.

At Yacht Rental Dubai, we’re dedicated to offering superior products and services in every area. With the highest possible service and careful attention to every detail, we want to provide our customers with an experience they won’t soon forget. We have always had the largest assortment of luxury boat rentals in Dubai. Every member of the team, from the captain to the airline employees, is knowledgeable and experienced in navigating the perilous waters offshore. Without the commitment of our diligent staff, it would not have been possible to complete everything on time and to perfection.

Yachts are available for rent by the hour, day, or night.

Customers at Yacht Rental Dubai have a range of choices when it comes to the boat rental packages that are offered. We can accommodate all of your needs, whether you want a breakfast cruise, a sunset cruise, or an overnight stay. By hiring a yacht in Dubai for the evening, you may take advantage of the opportunity to cruise into the morning while admiring the stunning views of the city’s canals.

Mega Yachts from Dubai's Most Prestigious Collection.

One of the greatest boat rentals in Dubai, Yacht Rental Dubai, offers a hand-picked assortment of mega yachts that are elegantly furnished and impeccably kept. A variety of amenities, including swimming pools, sun decks, music systems, grilling stations, and spacious entertainment areas, are available aboard each of our luxury boats. Yacht Rental Dubai may, if required, even supply a DJ for your occasion. Whether it is for exhibitions, birthday or wedding festivities, or just regular sightseeing, our incredibly dedicated and skilled team will assist you with just about any need. Furthermore, 15-20 overnight guests can stay on our larger boats, which feature numerous beds and amenities.

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